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Pay Per Click Marketing

Get maximum, optimised, high-volume traffic with a tailored PPC ad campaign designed to catapult your conversion rates and slingshot your sales!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is an alternative internet advertising strategy you can deploy to direct more targeted traffic to your website.

As the name suggests, you would pay the publisher (typically the website owner or search engine) a predetermined amount for each and every time a visitor clicks on one of your advertisements, whether the visitor decides to take action (buy anything, for example) on your website, or not.

Your adverts will be displayed in the section of the search results page, or on the affiliated content website’s page, as a ‘display’ or ‘banner’ ad, and will be indicated as an advertisement, or ‘sponsored ad’.

With search engine PPC offerings, such as Google Adwords, you would typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to your target market and pay the search engine that single agreed amount, multiplied by the number of times visitors click on your ad. Content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than use a bidding system.

Although a PPC campaign can become rather costly if managed incorrectly, it is often a useful tactic to drive more targeted traffic to your website. It is especially worth considering if you’re running a special offer, or need to counter competitive activity, for example, and can offset your investment in a PPC campaign against anticipated returns.

Implement a Greyhound PPC strategy today and take advantage of the many benefits that include:

•    Spending only on targeted success
•    Better control of your advertising budget
•    Compete with big players on a level playing field
•    Real-time tracking and a variety of testing options
•    Enhanced brand awareness and increased local exposure
•    Effectively target your customers and your geographical region
•    Flexibility based on measured results that allows for fast fine-tuning

Greyhound is geared to offer you the best advice, along with our ability to identify relevant key words and phrases that are more cost-effective and potentially result in a similar, or even better, return. We will also help craft the necessary copy to optimise your PPC ad’s in terms of sales appeal and calls to action.

Complete our PPC Liverpool enquiry form on the right hand-side of this page or call us direct on 0151 284 8495 today for your FREE CONSULTATION, and let Greyhound create a cost-effective and profitable PPC campaign for your business!

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