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eCommerce Optimisation

Let Greyhound Digital Marketing optimise your online shopping process now to generate more leads and more sales. See a radical transformation in your conversion rates and profits!

How well is your eCommerce Store performing?

Is it simply something someone said you should have as an alternate, convenient source for your customers? Or perhaps a virtual store is more cost effective for you than brick and mortar?

Whatever your reason, if you sell your products and services on the internet, then strategic eCommerce optimisation techniques are vital to the success of your online business.

People visit your eStore to spend money to fulfil a need. You have something they want. It’s a captive market so their shopping experience needs to be as appealing as possible.

With each word they read and with every image they view, they form a picture of your business in their minds. They then make a buying decision based on whether or not they like the final picture.

That is why your visitors need to be mesmerised by your eStore’s visual appeal. They need to be unable to resist your compelling content and calls to action.

Simply, they need to feel confidently assured to click on that ‘add to cart’ button.

In addition, your buying process needs to be as user-friendly as possible so they will want to return to buy from you again and again.

Regardless of whatever it is you’re selling, eCommerce has evolved and humanised beyond simple convenience shopping.

You need to see your audience as real human visitors and captivatingly engage them to ensure you seize every buying opportunity.

What’s more, your eStore will not operate at maximum conversion efficiency unless you’ve strategically and professionally implemented all of the following:

•    A captivating and professional website design to add credibility and build trust
•    Headlines, images, benefit statements and key points that stand out
•    Strong calls-to-action and visually appealing “buy now” buttons
•    User-friendly interface and simple buying process navigation
•    Convincing, accurate and professional product images
•    A variety of payment gateways and checkouts
•    Price, stock availability and delivery clarity
•    Reassuring guarantee and returns policy
•    Customer feedback and testimonials
•    Product reviews and specifications
•    Live online help

Do you have it all covered?

If not, your eCommerce Optimisation strategy from Greyhound will initially include a comprehensive customer demograph and market or industry analysis.

Following that, we will efficiently optimise your home page, your navigation, your product search, your product page, your product images and videos, your load speeds, your checkout process, your shipping and returns, and more.

We also offer customer re-targeting and user experience optimisation.

So if you feel your eStore needs a boost right now, complete our eCommerce Optimisation Liverpool enquiry form to the right of the page, or alternatively contact us direct on 0151 284 8495 for your FREE CONSULTATION and learn more about how Greyhound’s eCommerce Optimisation strategies will work wonders for your online business!

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