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Digital Communications

Keep in touch with your existing customers and reach new prospects through Greyhound’s affordable and innovative email marketing and press release services!

The interactive age is now well and truly a part of our daily lives and thanks to the rapid advances in technology and communication tools, messages can now be sent and received in an instant, using a vast array of affordable Digital Communication methods.

You can transmit your business message via your blog or through regular newsletters. You can post videos to YouTube and other broadcast platforms. You can reap the rich SEO and other rewards of content marketing. You can podcast or convene webinars. Your options are almost endless and the benefits are many!

What we recommend, for starters anyway, are the two most cost and reach-effective, along with being two of your best return-on-investment alternatives.

First, think eMail Marketing. Think of:

  • Why it would drive better returns on your investment and customer engagement metrics than other marketing techniques
  • Your time and cost savings when compared with traditional methods such as printed post or telesales campaigns
  • Your target audience receiving personalised, real-time, relevant information
  • The benefits of more frequent, interactive communication with your customers
  • The value of immediate access to focused market research data and other important statistics
  • Growing your email database and your sales exponentially, by offering, for example, referral incentives to your customers

Then think Press Releases. Different to the newspaper kind. Similar benefits to eMail Marketing, with the added values of authority, link building, improved SEO, and reaching industry influencers, among others.

Speak to us today to learn more about the benefits for your business, because informative and authoritative Press Releases can make a big difference, and those that contain a free offer or incentive can generate some serious leads.

Digital Communications are quite possibly your best choice, and could quite comfortably be your first, especially if you’re after a far-reaching, budget-friendly Internet Marketing solution.

Our primary focus will be on reaching as large a relevant target audience for you as possible, along with increasing the size of the database you interact with. Saving you money goes without saying.

To find out more about the innovative Greyhound ways you can make your voice heard in the digital age, contact us today on 0151 284 8495 or alternatively, complete the Digital Communications Email Marketing Liverpool enquiry form on the right of this page to receive your FREE CONSULTATION!